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Special offers for marketing & sales managers...

Corporate Logo Design

Corporate logo design

Corporate identity is a term that encompasses, among others, the way in which a company is seen and understood by people in general. It refers to the image that is created in the mind of potential clients when they think about a company, and is also related to the reputation it earns with the passing of time. Entrepreneurs should be aware that the creation of a corporate identity is the first and defining step in creating a company's personality and prestige.

When setting up a new organization, its founder has to be aware of the need to have a corporate image that brands on the memory of his target. The successful branding and marketing of a company will lead to an increase in its sales and profits. If a company is capable of maintaining brand recognition and visual continuity, its success rate will increase significantly. There are several media to maintain visual continuity. An example is the use of color palettes and typefaces that easily etch in people’s memory. Of much importance is to use the same style of letters and the same color palette in the packaging of every product brought out by the company. That way, these colors and typefaces will be unconsciously associated with the company or its products, what will lead to a rise in its number of clients.

The basis for a successful corporate identity is the physical recognition of a company, that is to say the visual impact it makes on people. A successful market identity is based on being easily recognizable as part of a brand, as this will lead to an instant link between the corporate image of a company and the company itself. A very good example is the case of McDonald's, a company that has made itself known to a vast number of people all over the world. McDonald´s has its own identity that runs through all their products and merchandise. The trademark "M" and the company’s colors -yellow and red- appear consistently throughout its packaging and advertisements, therefore sticking in people’s memory.

Another aspect that composes corporate identity is corporate communication. This includes the information provided to the target about the company and its product, the way in which the company is advertised, and its public relations. These are all factors that amount to the identity of a company, as they let people know about its efficiency. Furthermore, if people are informed about the company, they will get to know that the safest option is to choose it and won´t doubt when coming to a decision.

The reputation of a company is also to be included when referring to its corporate identity. A company acquires reputation due to the way it is presented to clients and to how it fulfils their necessities. It encompasses aspects such as prestige, experience, value and quality, all of which have a huge amount of influence on the company’s target. The internal values and norms add to the behavior of a company, and therefore to its reputation.

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