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Special offers for marketing & sales managers...

Custom Logo Design

Custom logo design

Entrepreneurs eager to start up a business often attach little importance to the identity of their organization. They have so much to get done that they do not seem to consider the designing of an appropriate logo to be a priority. This oversight, however, usually proves to be a costly error in the long run. The absence of a logo leads to the absence of a corporate identity with which a company is identified and recognized among the rest

Once a company has been set up and its name selected, the next step is to launch it out on the marketplace. The designing of a logo and its effectiveness are of much importance here, since the way a company is made known is the first step towards success. Imagine, for example, an entrepreneur who starts up a company and, although he decides on the name of the company, the product, and the means of advertising he will use, he oversees the need for a particular packaging and logo design. On the contrary, he chooses to print the name of the brand in a very usual typeface and black ink. Now imagine that there is a person in the market for this product who comes across an advertisement of this company. The design being so poor, it does not stick in his memory and, within a few seconds, the client forgets the name of the brand.

The lack of a logo design derives in the lack of later retrieval in the mind of the person receiving the visual input. Even if someone comes across the name of a company a number of times, he will not fully assimilate it if there is nothing in it that makes it identifiable among its competitors. This exemplifies the importance of getting a logo design that be easily recognized and linked with the company it belongs to. A distinctive logo stands out from the rest, and is easily remembered by people interested in the company it represents, and is much easier to remember than a name in isolation. Next there is an example that clearly illustrates the difference between the name of a company written alone and the name of a company included in a logo:

Kellogg's vs.

logo design Kellogg's

MTV vs.

logo design MTV

Note the difference between finding the names Kellogg’s and MTV written in an ordinary typeface and finding their corresponding logos. Logos are obviously more distinguishable, persuasive and easy to remember than words or names in isolation.

Entrepreneurs must compete with established companies that have a long-time reputation. Through the designing of a logo it is possible to make small business look big and experienced in the eyes of potential clients. Since logos speak volumes about companies, a quality logo design is one of the prior and easiest ways of gaining credibility and professionalism right from the start. Moreover, a logo that is visually appealing increases the impact made on the target, therefore increasing the profits and prestige of the company it symbolizes.

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