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What is a Logo?

What is a logo

A logo is a fixed expression, a word or a group of words -frequently a name- that are used to design a company or its products. It is the graphic element of a brand that identifies it and makes it stand out from others in the marketplace. A logo consists of either a name or a name and an image. A logo is a graphic representation of a company’s corporate identity. It is composed of a symbol, an emblem and a specific typography.

There are three different types of logos: logotypes, isotypes and isologotpes. The logotype is made up of a group of letters that have a certain design and typography, and which are used to identify a product, brand, company or institution. The isotype is an image or emblem. It does not include words or phrases, but just graphics. The isologotype, on the other hand, is the combination of a logotype and an isotype. It consists of an image and a word or phrase that represent an organization. Letters and images are lay out so that some feature of the organization stands out and produces an instant link between the company and its logo. Next we provide three examples that clearly illustrate the difference among these terms.




What is a Logo?

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